TikTok star Jerry Yguerabide shares his arroz con pollo recipe

Jen Tobias-Struski takes us inside the San Antonio TikTok chef’s kitchen

Jen Tobias-Struski heads inside the kitchen with S.A. TikTok star Jerry Yguerabide

SAN ANTONIO – Many of us spend hours scrolling TikTok for recipes and one familiar San Antonio face on the social media platform is Chef Jerry Yguerabide.

“I think people just love personality and mainly the food itself,” Yguerabide said.

Yguerabide has 1.1 million followers on TikTok. Some of his recipes include homemade tortillas, tacos al pastor, fideo, Mexican queso, and more.

“I teach a lot of step-by-step, some real simple how-to, minimal ingredients and people love that,” Yguerabide said.

Yguerabide’s culinary experience started in the restaurant business, working with some of San Antonio’s finest chefs, he has since shared and tweaked some of the traditional favorites such as arroz con pollo. His version includes bomba rice and potatoes and he tops it with tiny popcorn.

“A lot of people actually stress about what to cook,” Jerry said. “So, I help people with their everyday cooking.”

One of his most viewed recipe videos on TikTok was Mexican queso with chorizo--it reached 8.5 million views.

“The majority of people are really happy,” Jerry said. “It feels great just to be able to share recipes.”

He is planning on opening a food trailer in September. You can look out for updates on his TikTok and Instagram--under the handle @jerryyguerabide.

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Jennifer Tobias-Struski loves her hometown of San Antonio, and is proud to celebrate it every day working on SA Live. The Emmy-Award winning producer hosts the Mom-Day series, featuring fun, family-themed segments from crafting to fashion hacks every Monday.