VIDEO: Charles Barkley says he really loves San Antonio, calls Spurs best sports team

Charles Barkley (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

SAN ANTONIO – Charles Barkley set the record straight Sunday, saying he does, in fact, love San Antonio despite his jokes about the Alamo City. 

Mayor Ron Nirenberg posted a video of the NBA commentator confessing his love for San Antonio, and there was no "April Fools" at the end of the video message.

"I know y'all get all sensitive and bent out of shape when I'm making fun of San Antonio," Barkley said. "I really love your city. I think you're an amazing city. I think the Spurs are the best organization in sports. So, I just wanted to congratulate you. You're 300 years old. Congratulations. Great city."

Barkley became an enemy of the city when he called San Antonio women "big ol' women."

But, it appears San Antonio might have to forgive Barkley for his comments in light of his confession of love for San Antonio.