Former Silver Dancers disappointed in decision to eliminate team

Fan-created petition to save team reached 8,000 signatures

SAN ANTONIO – After 26 years, Spurs Sports and Entertainment has decided to eliminate the Silver Dancers program. 

The organization says the decision is due to the lack of fan interest, yet has brought heartbreak to not only the dancers, but a show of support from fans as well. 

“It took me close to eight years to even make the team,” said former Silver Dancer Teresa Edwards, who was with the squad from 2014-2017. “There was a lot of years of hard work that went into perfecting my craft, and it felt like that was all ripped out from underneath me.”

The journey of becoming a Silver Dancer is different for every squad member. For example, Alexis Flores, who was with the squad from 2017-2018, auditioned for the first time and made the team when she was only 18 years old. 

“I was a little disappointed, since I was the youngest on the team -- I wanted to re-audition. I had just started my professional dance career with the Spurs,” Flores said.

Despite the organization's contention that the Silver Dancers were being disbanded for lack of fan interest, the fans have shown support of the dancers by creating a petition.

“It was heartwarming to see that it was created. I was actually the fifth person to sign it, and within a day or two it reached 8,000 signatures. It is amazing to see the fans response to this. It makes me feel like all of our time on team was well-received by the fans here,” Edwards said. 

Fans hope the petition can move the Spurs to reinstate the Silver Dancers. 

“It would be great if they brought them back and revamp what they already had. To see that all the fans are signing this you can see that the fan interest is there. Keep them, I would strongly advise the Spurs to keep them, along with Team Energy,” said former Silver Dancer Melissa Martinez, who was with the squad from 1994-2000.

Auditions for the coed "hype-team" that will be replacing the Silver Dancers and Team Energy are set for July 21 and Aug. 5.