Photos surface of Kawhi Leonard, Popovich in NYC; Tim Duncan also rumored to be in area

ESPN reports Pop, Kawhi meeting will be held 'sooner than later'

(AP Photo/Jim Cowsert)

Photos have surfaced recently of Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich in the New York area, and that has added to the growing speculation about a reported meeting between the Spurs head coach and the all-star forward.

Several media outlets have reported that Leonard and Popovich were set to meet before the NBA Draft, which will be held June 21. There has been no confirmation whether that meeting has been held.

The photo of Popovich at a bookstore was shared June 6 on Twitter by Dennis Tang. A photo of Leonard walking into a New York building was shared Tuesday on Twitter by user Mark James. 

Spurs legend Tim Duncan was also rumored to have boarded a plane on June 7 to New York City from San Antonio. 

The rumors of all three in the New York area at nearly the same time could all be coincidental as nothing official has been announced or released.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Wednesday that a meeting or series of meetings will take place "sooner than later."

Wojnarowski added Leonard and Popovich have been in contact, but there will be much to discuss, anything from Leonard's medical plan moving forward to his leadership and relationship with the coaches and his Spurs teammates.

Those discussions are expected to determine whether the Spurs decide to offer Leonard a super-max contract extension or both sides decide to go their separate ways.

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