Newest Spur says he thinks he embarrassed himself in front of Tim Duncan

Lonnie Walker IV told KSAT he'd likely 'play it cool' first time meeting Duncan

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Spurs' newest shooting guard, Lonnie Walker IV, tweeted Friday that he thinks he embarrassed himself in front of Spurs legend, Tim Duncan.

While Walker didn't detail how he embarrassed himself, hours before that tweet, he told KSAT how he would react when meeting the five-time world champion for the first time.

"Oh I might do a couple back flips. Just might," Walker joked. "Honestly I don't know. I probably might play it cool like, 'What's up Tim Duncan? How's it going?' But then when I walk away, I'll be like 'I'm with Tim Duncan!' I'll call my dad right after. It's going to be exciting."

Of course, Spurs fans didn't waste time dreaming up various scenarios.

One fan asked whether Walker called Duncan "Timmy" in a South Park voice and another said they wished they could embarrass themselves in front of Duncan.

"I just imagine like making a joke but then Duncan just giving a blank stare for an uncomfortable period of time," one Spurs fan replied.

The 19-year-old first round draft pick told KSAT that it's surreal being able to play alongside players he grew up watching, such as Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.

"I'm still a kid at heart honestly," Walker said. "We and my homeboy -- he's here with me -- we came here late at night the first day we got here and we went inside the locker room like, 'Tony Parker sits right there.' I hope Tony's not mad at me, but I sat in his chair. I sat on Manu Ginobili's chair and I felt like I was Manu Ginobili, but it's surreal to me.

"There are moments that I didn't think were going to turn into reality. It was just a dream that I was trying to reach for and the fact that it's actually here -- I see my name right here, LaMarcus Aldridge right across, Manu to the left of me and Tony Parker to the right. I already know what the locker room looks like and that is insane to say something like that."

The former University of Miami player noted that he's happy to be a member of a family-oriented team like the Spurs.

Tune in to Instant Replay on Sunday where KSAT's Larry Ramirez goes one-on-one with Walker. From his difficult upbringing to his Spurs experience so far, Walker shares more about his personal life.