Former Steele HS standout, NFL player Malcolm Brown sits down with KSAT Sports

(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)
(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Los Angeles Rams Running back Malcolm Brown is entering his fourth NFL season. The former Texas Longhorns running back went undrafted in 2015 and was signed by the St. Louis Rams (the franchise returned to Los Angeles in 2016) as an undrafted free agent. Brown is currently being pressed for the number 2 running back job by John Kelly and Justin Davis.  

Back in June KSAT 12 sports caught up with the Steele High School legend while he was in San Antonio for offseason training.

You are getting ready for your fourth season with the Rams, what is NFL life like?

“It has been great, it is definitely a different vibe from college and high school. It is fun, you build so many relationships with all of these guys. And of course being in LA is definitely a fun time, I get to enjoy the beach and the good weather. It has been a grind though, for sure.”

What is Todd Gurley (Rams starting running back) like and what are you learning from him?

“Todd is a great dude, and he is a clown. He keeps it fun in that running back room and that is what I like about him. Something I have learned from him is practice habits. The stuff he is doing out on the field is not a surprise, I have seen him practice every day and how hard he works. I can feed off of that and it makes me work a little harder.”

Talk about the Rams and what you think the team can do this year.

“I feel like it will be a special year for us. (Sean) McVay came and turned the whole place around. He came with a new attitude that everyone is feeding off of. He is a young guy too, he is out there with energy just like us. Chemistry is building and we are going to have some fun.”

Do you see that perhaps becoming a trend, younger NFL head coaches?

“It is definitely fun to have someone out there who has energy, like McVay, who is out there running around with us and it is easier to feed off of, for sure, but that is no disrespect to any of the older coaches who have been in the game for 20 or 30 years.”

Take me through your first NFL touchdown last season, and what do you think about it now?

“It was fun. It was a long drive so I was kind of tired, but we were so close. I got the handoff, was stuffed a little bit, I had my back turned and was pushing and then the offensive line gave me a little extra push and I finally got in there. It was a big relief, just to get that first one under my belt.”

Did you keep the ball?

“I did, it is in my house in Cali right now.”

Why do you feel more NFL talent is coming from this area?

“I feel like social media plays a part and there has been some big name guys who have come out of this area that kind of attract a little bit. I think people are just seeing it. As of late, you have the Jace Amaro’s (MacArthur High School) draft pick and the Johnny Manziel’s (Tivy High School) in this area and when guys like that come out it becomes a process that I feel will just get bigger and bigger.”

What is it like for you having Ramon Richards (Brackenridge High School) and Josh Reynolds (John Jay High School) on your team, other guys from this area?

“It is cool, there is always love when you know you have someone from the same city as you on the same team. It is fun and I enjoy my time with those guys.”

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