Guadalupe Theater Hosts Performance of Amalia Ortiz's The Cancin Cannibal Cabaret & Other Songs

Chisme and a Tex-Mex remix of Georges Bizets iconic opera Carmen dubbed Carmen de la Calle.An evolution of an MFA thesis manuscript Ortiz started writing before Trumps election, The Cancin Cannibal Cabaret & Other Songs functions as a multidimensional, multipurpose endeavor. Although firstly a collection of socially conscious, political poetry that doubles as a script for a punk musical, the forthcoming Aztlan Libre Press book is also a conceptual commentary on propaganda, a love letter to the DIY aesthetics of rasquachismo, a rebuttal of performance poetrys questionable reputation within the ranks of academia and a refugee, people of color, feminist, and LGBTQ+ call to action. In the books introduction, Ortiz explains that The Cancin Cannibal Cabaret is more than a flat manuscript of text, but rather words which claim three-dimensional space.Set in a post-apocalyptic, not-so-distant future just after the establishment of a totalitarian government, The Cancin Cannibal Cabaret centers around La Madre Valiente, an anti-colonial, anti-capitalist refugee secretly planning an intersectional feminist revolution with assistance from her roving emissaries, the Black Bards and Red Heralds. Human flesh, however, is not on the menu. Here the term cannibal refers to the cannibalization of knowledge from before the fall of civilization as well as Ortizs homolinguistic translations (essentially English to English reconfigurations) of songs and poems by the likes of Bob Dylan and late Chicana icon Gloria Anzalda whose poem The Cannibals Cancin sparked the projects name. If you enjoy Anzalda or Dylan, you might enjoy this, Ortiz suggests.In celebration of the books national release on July 27, the Guadalupe Theater plays host to a free book launch and a complete performance of The Cancin Cannibal Cabaret, which Ortiz describes as a deliberately theatrical spectacle involving costumes, makeup, choreography, stage lighting, music and video.