3 days later, couple awaits return of lost luggage

Frontier Airlines says it's working on issue

SAN ANTONIO – As the busy holiday travel season winds down, one San Antonio couple are still stuck in standby, as they await the return of their luggage.

It has been nearly 72 hours since Samantha Eaton and Sam Roberts returned to San Antonio from Denver. As for their luggage, “The funny thing is our flight was actually delayed 45 minutes because they were loading luggage onto the plane,” Roberts said.

The pair flew Frontier Airlines, a low-cost carrier.

“We paid a $100 to have our bags flown and they have lost them,” Eaton said.

It is not the missing bag that has them most upset, they said it was the airline's customer service, or lack thereof.

The two said they went to customer service after discovering the bags had not arrived. There, they said, they met others passengers in the boat. They called the Frontier Airlines hotline, but to no avail. They also said there was no one manning the ticket counter.

Eaton and Roberts returned on Monday where the response from an employee did not help matters.

“He said we should have filed a claim. We explained we could not file a claim and he basically said that’s your fault,” Eaton said. “I said we did leave our own form and he said, ‘Oh, I saw that. I did not think it was necessary to respond to it.’”

Passengers do have rights if an airline has lost their luggage. People can receive up to $3,500 from the airline, but customers will need to provide documentation.

Frontier Airlines said it will reimburse the couple their baggage fee.

It is also recommended that people not put medicines and other valuables in checked luggage.