Rockport victim rebuilds after Harvey: ‘We're going to survive'

ROCKPORT, Texas – Hurricane Harvey has left Maggie Flores, of Rockport, feeling overwhelmed. 

She has no job, a disabled son and a house full of damage. Flores's living space has been condensed into one room. 

“This is going to be our living quarters because our bedrooms were the ones that got destroyed,” said Flores.

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She evacuated before Harvey hit, but came home to find her son's room had been blown apart. 

“This is it. His bed was right there. We had a big hole right here. Everything was on the bed,” said Flores.

It was a medical bed, which he needs for several disabilities.

“He got sick and it almost took his life. He uses a wheelchair, his catheter. He can't work,” said Flores.

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Harvey also took out her workplace. “We do need help,” Flores said. “I don't have a job. My job took off. I did assisted living and they took off to Dallas.”

Her daughter, who used to live in the house, joined the Army and is overseas.

When Flores felt most discouraged, volunteers from San Antonio showed up to help. 

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“They were walking around and they said can I help you with anything, and they just started gutting everything out and i'm like, I couldn't do that,” said Flores.

Things are still falling from her ceiling but there has been a lot done since the storm. The roof decking was reinstalled on Saturday. Before that, you could see the sky.

Recovery won't be quick. But times of struggle show people how strong they can be. 

“We're going to survive,” said Flores. “We’re going to be here. We're not going anywhere.”

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