INSIDE THE RING: Insult to Injury?

Batyr Akhmedov makes demand and accusation about Mario Barrios

Mario Barrios hasn't owned his new world boxing title for one week and his latest opponent already wants a rematch.
ESPN broke the news earlier Wednesday afternoon that Batyr Akhmedov , who suffered his first career loss Saturday, has rewatched the fight and has come to the conclusion that he not only won the world title bout, he believes that the undefeated boxer from San Antonio wanted to quit in the later rounds.
Akhmedov's team claims they will appeal with the World Boxing Association and demand an immediate rematch for the WBA World Super Lightweight title.
Barrios (25-0, 16 KOs ) won by unanimous decision at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday night, winning San Antonio's first world title belt in 25 years. " El Azteca " suffered a cut above his left eye during a brutal 12-round fight. Even though Barrios was outpunched in the final punch stats, Barrios did score two knockdowns in the fourth and 12th rounds, which helped him secure the win on the judges' scorecards.
The news about a rematch is no surprise. What has caused some confusion is Akhmedov's manager, Vadmin Kornilov , claiming that Barrios is medically suspended and cannot fight for the next six months.
According to ESPN's article, Kornilov was quoted as saying, " How is he (Barrios) going to defend his championship? He cannot fight for medical reasons due to injuries suffered in the fight, and Batyr could fight next month if the opportunity was given. "
KSAT 12 Sports confirmed with Team Barrios on Wednesday night that Mario is not under any medical suspension and the claim from Akhmedov's camp is not true. KSAT 12 Sports did confirm over the weekend that Barrios received stitches to close the cut above his left eye at the Staples Center. Barrios also went to a local hospital just as a precaution due to the swelling in his left cheek and after receiving numerous accidental headbutts throughout the fight.
Akhmedov's manager didn't stop there with accusations.
Kornilov added that, " if Batyr lost a fight in a similar fashion , he would have given the belt over to the other guy, or would have been the one to request a rematch as he would not want to be a champion when millions all over the world saw that he did not win this fight and did not deserve the belt. "
The victory Saturday gives Barrios his second title belt as a professional boxer, which isn't bad for a man who just turned 24 this year. Akhmedov is 28 years old and has only fought in eight professional fights. There's no doubt Akhmedov has some power in his punches and is still a top contender as a super lightweight.
There's also no doubt that Barrios is the world champ, as he has the belt to prove it.
Daniel P. Villanueva has worked with KSAT 12 Sports for over 16 years and is an award-winning sports producer. To submit story ideas, email dvillanueva