Missing wedding gown proves stressful for bride-to-be

Movers lose dress during move from NYC to SA

SAN ANTONIO – Dayana Brito said yes to her perfect wedding dress before packing it up to move from New York City to San Antonio for her fiance's new job.

But Brito said when the movers delivered her boxes more than a week late, her dress was missing.

Brito said the movers told her the box with her wedding gown wasn't on the truck.

"I was just so scared and I told the driver, 'Listen, I have proof. I took a picture of that box,'" Brito said.

When the moving company didn't find the box, Brito called WABC-TV in New York to see if the TV station could convince the movers to track down her missing gown.

Weeks after the dress disappeared, the movers said they finally found the dress and would send it to San Antonio.

The box suddenly appeared, but Brito spotted another mistake. The movers had put the wrong address and the wrong apartment number on the box. Luckily, they got her name right.

"Oh my God. I'm super excited!" Brito said when she saw the box and ultimately the dress.

The dress and Brito were reunited just in time for her destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.

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