On Sept. 3, 1998, local businessman Eddie Garcia, who was known as “The Bingo King,” was murdered in his office, and James Legate was arrested, tried and convicted of the crime. Twenty years later, a team of KSAT journalists investigate Legate’s conviction and shed new light on one of San Antonio’s most notorious murder cases.

Episode 1

After Eddie “The Bingo King” Garcia is murdered in his office, San Antonio police immediately arrest the person seen running from the crime scene — James Legate.

Episode 2

Prosecutors and James Legate’s defense attorney lay out their versions of what happened the day of the murder in court.  San Antonio police are convinced Eddie Garcia’s killer has been caught.

Episode 3

The murder weapon is traced to a local drug dealer. Prosecutors lay out a theory in the plot to kill Eddie Garcia.

Episode 4

Almost 20 years later, after James Legate is convicted, jurors share their thoughts on the trial and an unknown juror connection is revealed.

Episode 5

KSAT’s investigation takes a turn to Mexico, and the true identity of Juan Hernandez is uncovered by our team.

Episode 6

The findings of KSAT’s investigation are shared with members of the Garcia family, and Legate shares his final thoughts on his conviction.

Viewer questions answered

Anchor Isis Romero and Investigative Reporter Dillon Collier answer viewer questions about the new documentary series, "Conviction: The Bingo King Murder."


Key Players in "Conviction: The Bingo King Murder"

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Court documents in 'The Bingo King' murder case