This electric massager helps relieve stress and muscle pain and it’s on sale for $40

You deserve a break with this neck massager
You deserve a break with this neck massager (Cloud Feet)

If you work all day at a desk from home and then move to the couch and stare at your phone, you might develop some stiffness and aches in your neck throughout the day. Instead of booking an appointment at the spa or asking your partner for a quick neck massage why not invest in a home neck massager? The Serenity Neck Massager with Infrared Pain Heating Relief, now on sale for under $40, is a perfect choice.

The T Serenity produces a soothing acupuncture-type pressure massage that your neck and body will come to crave. Not only will it help you relieve stress and improve blood circulation throughout your body, but it will also relieve muscle pain and swelling, and you can adjust the vibration, impulse and heat intensity settings to fit your needs with the simple push of a button.

This versatile neck massager also comes with 6 selectable preset massage modes including acupuncture mode, hammer mode, kneading mode and comprehensive mode, so that other parts of your body such as your shoulders, legs and feet can benefit from some much-needed relief.

The T Serenity also features a flexible neck collar to ensure you experience a comfortable fit. Plus, if you have a partner or a friend who suffers from neck pain and wants to get in on the action, the fashionable wrap-around style and universal fit make it ideal for people of all ages and sizes.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Cloud Feet, the Serenity Neck Massager with Infrared Pain Heating Relief is a great choice for a home massager. Right now it’s on sale for 27% off the regular price of $54 — that brings the final cost down to an affordable $39.99.

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