How to Watch All 8 ‘Harry Potter’ Movies on HBO Max

(Warner Bros. Pictures)

Expelliarmus whatever you're doing! HBO Max launched on Wednesday, and one of WarnerMedia's topline titles for its new streaming service -- alongside Friends -- is the mega-popularHarry Potter film franchise, as subscribers who logged in for the first time saw that all eight movies have been made available on the platform, along with the Potter extended universe offering, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

In addition to getting back to Hogwarts, the latest streaming service offers several new originals, as well as many classic rewatchable movies and TV shows from the Warner Bros. catalog, on top of what you were already watching if you had HBO Go or HBO Now.

So how do you watch the Harry Potter films, as well as everything else you can watch on HBO Max? Right now, the platform is available to new users for $14.99 a month, and free for certain existing AT&T, HBO Now and Spectrum customers (click here to find out if that's you). Unfortunately, if you pay for HBO Now through your Roku or Amazon device, you currently can't access the HBO Max app. To find out if you have access, visit HBO Max's website.

Hope you're ready to get back to Hogwarts! Don't forget your spellbooks.

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For more on how HBO Max differs from HBO Now and HBO Go, watch the video below.


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