Get to know SA native, American Idol contestant Ada Vox

Ada Vox makes Top 14 on American Idol

SAN ANTONIO – Ada Vox is taking America by storm and could become the next America Idol.

The 24-year-old San Antonio native sat down for an interview with KSAT 12 before flying back to Hollywood. 

Currently, Vox lives with her grandparents on the southwest side of town, but when she is not on camera or performing she is Adam Sanders.

When did Adam become Ada Vox?

"She's been around for about three years now on stages, you know, in the clubs and stuff. And she's been a blessing in disguise. She became the personification of the diva everyone said I sounded like but didn't look like."

Are Adam and Ada the same person?

"It's not who I live as. I'm just a drag queen. I do this on stage for entertainment purposes. This is simply an alter performance ego, but it's not who Adam is. I'm going to show y'all the real human side of myself. Just like every other artist has someone that's not their stage persona and they live in their day-to-day life as that. To me, this was saying this is going to determine a big factor into what could possibly be a career lasting a lifetime."

How has the reaction been?

"The support has been amazing. Of course, I have negativity coming from time to time for doing what I do, but the love outweighs all of the negativity."

You've auditioned 13 times for American Idol, what do you think of the judges this year?

"The judges this year, I think, are fantastic. I love their chemistry, I love the way they interact, not just with each other, but with us the contestants. They are so open, they are so free, and they are so friendly. They treat us as if we are equal to them."

For celebrity duets you sing with Leah Michelle, who is your dream duet with?

"I would probably say, I would love to sing with Patti LaBelle. I love her."

How much would it mean to you to be voted the next American Idol?

"Winning this would be kind of the dream that I've been waiting for, for a very long time."

Voting rounds are next, do you have a message to your fans the Voxxies?

"If I make it to the voting rounds, I'm going to need all the help I can get. And I would really appreciate everyone getting together, voting parties, support groups, whatever it may be. Like all my social media, it's all at Ada Vox. Instagram, Twitter all that good stuff. Find me there, follow my journey. And I love to just have all the love and support I can get from my local San Antonio family from people worldwide whatever it may be. And I am forever thankful for this opportunity and wherever it takes me."

Watch the full interview below.

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