San Antonio newlyweds make first stop after wedding party at (you guessed it) Whataburger


SAN ANTONIO – Whataburger's ubiquity in Texan culture is well-documented. 

Teens have incorporated the iconic fast food into their quinceaneras and prom pics.

Parents dress their kids up as Whataburger employees for Halloween. The list goes on. And on.

Here's a new one:

After getting hitched at St. Jerome Catholic Church on Saturday, Daniel and Bianca Baca made a pit-stop at the giant orange W.

"What do you expect, we're Texans," she wrote in her Instagram post.

The back story is even cuter:

"We paid for our own wedding with some help from our parents, and during the engagement we really cut back on eating out," Bianca told KSAT. "So when Daniel would ask for something, I would say, 'After the wedding,' which he turned into the acronym ATW. After the after-party at the hotel Daniel asked for Whataburger because it was literally ATW, so naturally, we went!"

Their order?

A patty melt, easy onions, and a Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

"Both cut in half," she said. "We switch halves to get the best of both orders."