You can buy a 3-pack of Supreme-brand Oreos on eBay for over $15K

Ebay users are reselling the rare Oreo collaboration products

Twitter screenshot of Oreo x Supreme collab.

Milk’s favorite cookie just got way more expensive!

A rare 3-pack of Supreme-brand Oreos, a red cookie embossed with the “Supreme” brand logo with signature creme filling, is prompting consumers to bid thousands of dollars on eBay.

The Oreos were available in New York City on Thursday, but have since sold out. No word yet on if these will be available in stores again; however, eBay is booming with resales of the cookies.

Supreme is an American skateboarding shop and clothing brand based in New York City, first created in April 1994, per Wikipedia.

These Oreos (below) were listed on eBay by user phil2k19 and customers are bidding over $15K. The product currently has 197 watchers and has 62 bids.

Oreo Supreme listing on eBay (Screenshot)

Another listing has the new and sealed, ready to ship, rare Oreos priced at $10,600 with 56 bids so far.

Other eBay listings of the Supreme Oreos have them priced at a more reasonable pricetag of just over $100.

Whether you’re a Supreme brand fan or an avid Oreo eater, we want to know - do you think the pricetag is worth it?

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