3 tips to a successful job interview on Zoom

Carefully plan what you’ll wear on the video call

Tips on how to have a great Zoom interview

If you’ve never used Zoom, don’t worry -- experts are here to assist you.

Workforce Solutions Alamo has some insight on how to have a successful Zoom interview.

In case this is all new to you, Zoom is the online platform for video and audio conferencing. Many companies use it to host online training sessions, seminars and now job interviews.

How to get started with Zoom

If you’ve never used Zoom, getting started is simple. Here’s what you’ll want to do:

  • Install the Zoom application on your computer. This takes less than a minute, but you’ll want to do this with plenty of time before your interview, just in case something goes wrong.
  • Open Zoom (this should happen automatically after you’ve installed it), and click “Join Meeting.” There’s no need to create an account unless you want to.
  • Enter the meeting ID or personal link name, which the company you’re interviewing with will provide. It’ll likely be an 11-digit number. The company may also send a link over via email, which will take you directly to the meeting.

It’s best to practice this a few times before your interview, just so you feel comfortable. It won’t hurt to ask a friend or family member to hop in a Zoom meeting with you so you can test everything out. On the day of your interview, join the meeting a couple of minutes before it officially begins. If the meeting host has not yet started the meeting, don’t fret. As soon as the host joins, you’ll be able to enter the meeting.

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Preparing for your Zoom job interview

Now that you’re feeling good about using Zoom, it’s important to prepare for your video interview. In many ways, this will be easier than an in-person interview: You don’t have to worry about traffic, and if you’re already employed, you won’t have to worry about taking a large chunk of time away from work. But there are still things to keep in mind.

1) Dress to impress

Just like an in-person interview, carefully plan what you wear. Wear something polished and professional, but don’t fret as much about what you wear from the chest down; you’ll be on video, after all.

2) Location is key

You’ll also need to scout out the perfect interviewing location in your home. Because we’re all social distancing right now, companies will be more understanding and forgiving if you’re interrupted by a partner, roommate, child or pet; doing things this way amid the pandemic is obviously not the norm.

Even so, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Find a bright and quiet space in your house, make sure your face is well-lit and that the background is tidy.

3) Have a tech backup plan

Since you’re relying on technology, which can be finicky right when you need it most, have your computer plugged in and charging.

You’ll also need a back-up plan, in case you have issues with your Wi-Fi. If you have an unlimited plan on your phone, you can connect your computer to its hotspot. Or you can download the Zoom app on your phone and have the meeting there. While this isn’t ideal, it should work.

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