10 wellness gifts that anyone could use this year

Dr Relief acupressure mat. (Amazon.com)

This has clearly been quite a year — civil unrest, a global pandemic and arguably the most iconic presidential election ever. Whew, just talking about all these things is enough to stress anyone out.

For that reason, this seems like the best year to give someone the gift of wellness, or something that can provide some stress relief, doesn’t it?

Or perhaps it’s time to indulge yourself. There’s no shame in that; we could all use it.

Below are 10 items that will help someone you love (or you!) to relieve stress and relax.

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1. This acupressure mat

The acupressure points on this mat massage the back, so as to relieve tight muscles and relieve stress. And who DOESN’T have some stress right now? It also claims to help with digestion, pain relief and increased energy. Count us in.

2. This hot/cold neck wrap

Does anyone else carry all their stress in their neck and shoulders? Carrying all that stress is ... well, stressful. Talk about a vicious cycle. This wrap can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer — whichever suits you best. Did we mention it’s weighted? It’s perfect for relaxing and relieving stress or anxiety.

3. These essential oils

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? These pure essential oils contain synergies of germ fighter, immune aid and more. Plus, they smell good.

4. This restful sleep system

If this year has had you sleeping less and worrying more, this might be the ticket to help. Along with a neck pillow comes a guided meditation and a mask with small magnets to enhance sleep while blocking out light.

5. These organic herbal teas

If you’ve never tried herbal teas, you’re missing out. These organically grown teas were handpicked for seasonal wellness, with elderberry, echinacea, ginger, turmeric and more. There’s something very calming about sipping on hot tea.

6. This 23andMe Health + Ancestry kit

Aside from learning about your ancestry, this test can search your genes and find out if you’re a carrier for certain inherited health conditions. And if you’re willing to opt in to participate in research, it could one day help lead to discoveries that may have an impact on you and your family’s health.

7. This posture corrector

Anyone else spend hours every day sitting or standing at a computer? It can wreak havoc on your posture. Place this on your upper back and it will send vibrations, as a gentle reminder to correct your posture. The company says eight out of 10 users report a 92% improvement to their posture in less than two weeks. You’ll also get a daily score to see your progress over time.

8. This smart water bottle

This might be one of the easiest and most basic ways to contribute to your overall health: drink more water. This bottle tracks your water intake and syncs your progress with its free tracker app via Bluetooth. The bottle is BPA-free and has a smooth silicone sleeve for better grip and less condensation.

9. This spa gift set for the woman in your life

This set has it all: a clay mask, body oil, shower steamer, candle and much more. Doesn’t it sound amazing to just sit back, relax and treat yourself to a spa day?

10. This spa gift set for the man in your life

Men deserve pampering, too! As a seven-piece set, this set will provide the man in your life with what he needs to create his own spa at home.

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