Did you find love during the pandemic? Tell us about it for Valentine’s Day

Did you find love during the pandemic? (Pexels.)

We may be living through a global pandemic, but that doesn’t mean love isn’t in the air.

Maybe you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend, your partner decided to put a ring on it or you had a socially distanced and safe pandemic wedding.

So in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, tell us about your love story! You can include photos, write your love story and share with others about how you met your sweetie.

And don’t be shy on the details! Was it love at first sight? What was the first date like? Have you popped the big question? What was it like having a wedding in a pandemic?

Just fill out the form below so you can tell us about your love story.

Want to see more couple's love stories? Check out the gallery here. They are filled with people who got engaged during the pandemic.

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