How much more is James Harden’s tax bill now that he’s with the Nets?

Answer might surprise you

Photo by Scott Halleran. (Getty Images)

If NBA superstar James Harden hoped being traded to the Brooklyn Nets would help him land more lucrative endorsement deals in a bigger TV market, he better cross his fingers that those deals compensate for how much money he’s losing in another area.

While the trade to Brooklyn to play alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could get him a better shot at an NBA title and more endorsements, it will also cost Harden dearly in taxes.

Just how much?

It’s about $13.6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

By going to the Nets from the Houston Rockets and the state of Texas, Harden has gone from a state with no state income tax to a state with a 12.7% state income tax rate.

If Harden stayed in Houston, he would have paid $3.26 million in state, city and jock taxes, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

In New York, he’ll be paying $16.89 million in taxes.

Granted, don’t feel too sorry for Harden.

He’s not exactly broke, with $225 million made in salary and endorsements.

But whoever does his taxes will have a little extra work and a lot bigger tax check to sign off on as a result of his big move.

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