Visit real haunted Texas hotel for free in October

Magnolia hotel offering overnight stays as B&B


SEGUIN, Texas – You can see what some people say is a real haunted hotel for free in October.

The famous Magnolia Hotel in Seguin will be opening its doors Oct. 26 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The hotel is known world-wide for its paranormal activity and unique history.

Built as a log cabin in 1840 by James Campbell, one of the first Texas Rangers, the Magnolia evolved over the years into a stagecoach station and a hotel.

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There’s an Indian raid shelter underneath the hotel that also housed the first jail in Seguin.

Photos of what people say are ghosts and other spirits have been captured many times at the Magnolia, and owner Erin Ghedi knows the story of quite a few of them.

Since owning the hotel, Ghedi has tried with large success to identify the ghosts at the hotel.

She’s still working on figuring out the identities of the guests who never left, but she has some incredible stories to tell so far.

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“I love it when people say if these walls could talk and I go, they do,” she said.

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