17 things to gift anyone who lives in a college dorm


We gathered up some dorm room essentials that will make your room go from drab to fab. Plus, these all make for perfect gifts for the holidays. 

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This mini Bluetooth speaker

Tunes are essential in college, and this mini (and portable!) Bluetooth speaker will be perfect for your dorm room. Just don't play it too loud, or else you may have an angry RA knocking on your door to tell you to turn it down. 

A thermal for your coffee

If you're not drinking at least two cups of coffee a day in college then you're either extremely self-motivated, or you're failing out. Not only will this thermal keep your coffee nice and warm for you while you cram all night at the library, but it is also telling your fellow classmates that this tank cannot run on empty. More, please! 

This bedside shelf

We have a feeling that this bedside shelf might become your new best friend. This little shelf will especially come in handy if your bed is lofted in your dorm. Can you imagine climbing down so you could grab your cup of coffee, or need your notebook to do homework?

This colorful box fan

If case you haven't heard, dorm rooms are hot. Maybe if you get lucky and you're on the first floor you might not suffer from a heat stroke, but if you're not, you'll want as many fans as possible. Don't tell us we didn't warn you! 

A pack of Moleskin notebooks 

If you thought taking notes in high school was bad, just wait until you get into your first college lecture. Moleskin notebooks are great because they are not too big, have lines on each page for you to write and you'll look super hip while you scribble angsty poetry in the quad about your first college breakup. 

This laptop case

Buying that first laptop can be a big deal if you're new to college, and you will want to keep that investment as safe as possible. This case will keep your hardware protected, all the while looking stylish as the new person on campus. 

This cool stapler

You will be shocked at how often you will need a stapler when college starts. You'll need it when you print out long essays, the Power Point slides from your lecture and about a million other things. This one is fun-looking and would look great in any dorm room. 

This toothbrush holder shaped like a whale

This is one of those little things that you could easily forget about when you make the move to the dorm. This toothbrush holder has enough space for your toothpaste and your roommate's brush. 

A magnetic owl key holder

If there is anything you don't want to lose at college (or in life, really) are your keys. This magnetic owl will clip onto the fridge in your dorm and hopefully it will remind you to keep your keys safe. When you lift your keys off the clip, the owl's eyes will close, and then they open up again once your keys are safe in its place. 

A side table

More than likely, your dorm is going to come with a bed and some drawers for your clothes, and that's about it. This side table is the perfect addition to making your dorm feel a little bit more like home. It also comes in different colors so it can fit the color scheme of your dorm.  

These wacky book stoppers

If you haven't heard, you're going to buy a ton of books throughout your time in college, and it's best to keep them organized and clean so you can sell them back at a later date and try to make some of your money back. These book stoppers will keep your books free from any harm, and they're just fun to look at. 

A garment steamer 

You're in college now, which means that you're a semi-adult, so it's time to start presenting yourself as a semi-adult. Sure, you don't have to steam your clothes every day, but maybe you've got a big presentation or a speech to make for class? This steamer will have you going from drab to fab. 

A memory foam mattress topper

If you haven't heard by now, the mattresses in dorms aren't exactly the comfiest things to sleep on. That's why we suggest you get yourself a nice, memory foam mattress pad so it won't feel like you're sleeping on a bed of rocks. 

LED string lights

It's all about creating ambiance in your dorm room! This string of LED lights not only makes for a great decoration, but it can also be a great nightlight for when you stumble back to the dorm super late at night. 

"Go away" doormat 

This one already explains itself, right? Doesn't matter if this doormat is aimed at your nagging parents wanting to come visit you, or the RA telling you to turn your music down -- this doormat will get some laughs from your friends no matter what. 


This power strip box

You will be shocked at the number of things you'll need a plug for in your dorm, and you'll be even more shocked to find out that your dorm only comes with one electrical outlet. May we present to you this fancy power strip box that has ample room for all the cords you have. 

And finally, this color-changing light

Because why not? Impress all your new dorm friends with your cool floor lamp that turns color through the power of your phone. 

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