SAPD Treasure: A look into the property room

Outrageous assets seized in drug busts shown to KSAT 12

SAN ANTONIO – A drug bust back in February netted quite the haul for police. The take included meth, cocaine, marijuana and a 3.5 foot tall Yoda.

SAPD's asset seizure division consistently collects odd items. KSAT got a look at some of the more stand-out items currently in SAPD custody.

Among the finds:

  • An authentic alligator head
  • A saddle worth thousands of dollars sits on the shelves
  • An old 8-liner machine.

Police said any good seizure has some Scarface memorabilia in it, with the infamous fake gangster gracing posters and even bed comforters in busts across the city.

Some of the flashier items included a $10,000 diamond-encrusted watch and a Coach handbag worth hundreds.

All of the items eventually get sold at department-run auctions. The proceeds from each one can reach the tens of thousands.

The money earned is then used to buy necessary items for police. Officers received brand new Glock handguns recently as a result.

Police said it's poetic justice that the drug dealers, in an indirect way, end up partially funding the fight against themselves.

Another police auction is expected in the next few months.

Slideshow: property room