Gov. Rick Perry's ad draws first business to Texas from California

Shiner, Texas, is Shield Tactical's new home


SHINER, Texas – In February, Texas Gov. Rick Perry began running radio ads in California encouraging businesses to make a move to Texas, with a lure of lower regulations, lower taxes, and less red tape. 

For one California business owner, the ads worked.

"We're here today to officially welcome Shield Tactical to the Lone Star State," said Perry.

Shield Tactical called Orange County home until a few months ago. The firearms accessories company new home is Shiner, Texas, and received a personal welcome from Perry on Wednesday.

"The acceptance that we've gotten, the welcome that we've gotten from Texans; the appreciation … the fact that they recognize what it meant for us, because it wasn't easy to move," said John Harrington, president of Shield Tactical.

Harrington said the move was an easy decision, allowing him to bypass what he called the state of California's red tape.

"There's nothing about California preventing it from following what we do here in the state of Texas," said Perry as he spoke to onlookers in Shiner.

Perry described Texas as business-friendly, free of over taxation and regulation, and a haven of sorts for those in the firearm industry, like Shield Tactical.

"The second amendment still means something here in Texas and we will defend their right to manufacture (firearms)," said Perry.

In the end, many of Harrington's employees also followed the company to Texas.

"We knew in Texas, our dollar would take us further," said Matt Hollinger, who works at Shield Tactical.

For Shiner's part, the small town was chosen because Harrington said it represented "small-town Texas" and offered a location close to Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.  Harrington also believed they would not be the last California transfer.

"I think people will be surprised at who follows us out of California."

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