Selma Fire Department uses iPads to potentially save lives

Selma Fire Dept. using technology to respond faster


SAN ANTONIO – The Selma Fire Department is embracing technology by using some potentially life-saving iPads. 

The tablets are loaded with important information fire departments need when responding to an emergency.

"It tells us where the disconnects are for the utilities," said Selma Fire Chief Ric Braun. "Is there any ammonium nitrate? Home Depot, Lowes, we respond to both of them," added Braun.

"We know exactly where all the exits are, where all the extinguishers are, where the best access is four our fire trucks and our personnel," said Lt. Anthony Lowman.

All of which are important details that fire departments need and have, just not all in one place. 

For instance, information regarding commercial business layouts are found in thick notebooks that have to be thumbed through.  The new technology consolidates all of the data.

"We can get to the information quickly, scan through it, not have to worry about flipping through, losing our place," said Lowman.

The iPads are also used for taking pictures and video when needed.  They can also track weather and contain maps with locations of fire hydrants. 

The department called the purchase well worth the cost.

"Anything you can put in your truck to help your crew is worth the money," said Braun.

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