Consumer Reports finds safety risk with Heidi Klum stroller

Tests reveal problem with harness popping open

Consumer Reports is warning parents not to buy or use a stroller travel system marketed by Heidi Klum.

As a part of its regular stroller testing, Consumer Reports found a problem with the harness that they say could be the child at risk of falling out and getting hurt.

The product is the Truly Scrumptious travel system, model TR252BQRby Heidi Klum.

The $220 stroller system is sold exclusively at Babies R Us.

"We applied the amount of tension the harness should be able to withstand, based on the voluntary industry safety standard," said John Galeotafiore OF Consumer Reports. "The right side of the harness buckle popped open ten out of fifteen times."

Consumer Reports tested three different samples and found the same problem with each. In a second test that simulates a stroller hitting a curb with a 50-pound weight in it, the strollers' buckles released seven out of 15 times.

It's the only stroller with this problem in more than 100 strollers in Consumer Reports' ratings.

"Although we know of no injuries caused by this stroller, the danger is that a child can fall out of the stroller and get hurt if the harness fails," Galeotafiore said.

Dorel Juvenile Group, the maker of the Klum product, disagreed with Consumer Reports' conclusions based on its own internal and outside tests. The company said it has had no complaints about the buckle releasing.

The car seat included in system has its own harness that passed Consumer Reports' tests.

Consumer Reports urged parents not to use the stroller on its own and to consider asking Babies R Us for a refund.

For parents looking for a travel system, Consumer Reports recommends the Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 for $330.

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