People warned of mountain lion in NW side neighborhood

Sightings reported in area of Loop 1604 near Military Drive

SAN ANTONIO – Flyers warning of mountain lion sightings in the area have been sent to residents of the Villages of Westcreek neighborhood.

The announcement says people have seen and heard the animal near the Fiesta Farm horse stables, just off Loop 1604 and Military Drive.

Cheyenne Parker, who works at Fiesta Farm, said she spotted a mountain lion crossing through a creek and walking back into the woods.

"The neighbors have come and asked who the girl screaming in the woods was late at night," she said.

Parker said the screaming that they heard probably was not coming from a female, but more likely from a feline -- the big cat that she saw.

Due to the sightings, people in the nearby neighborhood have been warned.

Ben Martin, however, said he had been out of town recently and never received a notice.

"I didn't see any flyers or anything," he said. "It's pretty surprising with the area growing up as much as it has and the traffic and everything that there would be a mountain lion walking around here."

Other neighbors speculate that all the recent growth in the area could be the cause of the sightings. Development, they said, could be forcing mountain lions into areas where people live and where they normally wouldn't go.

Martin said he plans to keep a closer watch on his dog.

Parker also has been watching her animals more closely, although she said mountain lions come with the territory.

"It's part of being out here in the woods, in the country, and you just have to take it as it comes," Parker said.

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