Statement from Redus family attorney Brent Perry

Cases against law enforcement officers are never easy for a District Attorney. But the fact is Officer Carter shot an unarmed student who posed no physical threat to him. None. It is textbook manslaughter, if not murder, to use deadly force against someone the officer knows is unarmed. An officer is never justified in using deadly force when there is no probable cause to believe the suspect is dangerous.

Even if District Attorney LaHood were not guaranteed a victory in the Courtroom, we expected him to indict and try an officer who broke the law in using deadly force. We appreciated the courtesy of Mr. LaHood's call this afternoon, but courtesy is no substitute for justice." Perry said, following a call he and Cameron Redus's parents had with District Attorney LaHood Tuesday afternoon.

While the family appreciates the initial meeting with District Attorney LaHood in January, and his calling and sharing the decision of the Grand Jury this afternoon, we cannot accept this failure of the criminal justice system. Since the morning their son was shot and killed by Officer Carter, the Redus family has only asked that Cameron's case be put in front of a jury to hear the facts, and then, to make a reasoned decision based on the facts. We are confident that had Mr. LaHood gone forward with a criminal prosecution, a jury would provide the justice so far denied to Cameron and his family.

The District Attorney's decision today in Bexar County is another among a growing list by District Attorneys across the United States to pass on indicting law enforcement officers who shoot and kill unarmed and in cases, innocent victims, regardless of the facts.

While the District Attorney decided not to hold Officer Carter accountable for the five bullets he emptied into an unarmed Cameron almost 16 months ago, we are confident that a jury in the family's lawsuit will one day provide the justice for Cameron that District Attorney LaHood failed to achieve.