Alamo Heights police release recording of Redus shooting

Student Cameron Redus expresses disbelief Cpl. Christopher Carter would open fire

SAN ANTONIO – Fifteen months after the deadly incident, the Alamo Heights Police Department has released the recording of a fatal encounter between a University of the Incarnate Word student and a now former UIW officer following a traffic stop.

Cpl. Christopher Carter had pulled over Cameron Redus believing he was under the influence.

They stopped in the parking lot of Redus' apartment complex.

"Stay right there. Stay right there. Put your hands on the hood," Carter can be heard saying.

He was wearing a lapel microphone tied into his patrol unit's rear seat camera.

After patting down Redus, who was found to be unarmed, Carter tried to restrain him.

"Put your hands behind your back," Carter repeated again and again.

"That's fine. That's fine," Redus said.

The exchange then elevated to Carter telling Redus numerous times, "Stop resisting. You're resisting arrest."

Later Carter would say that Redus had struck him with his own police baton.

"Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Or I will shoot," Carter said.

Redus at some point began approaching the officer.

"You're going to [expletive] shoot me?" Redus said.

"Stop or I will shoot you," Carter said.

"You're pathetic," Redus told Carter twice.

The profanity-laced exchange continues for several more minutes.

"You piece of [expletive]," Redus can be heard saying.

"Stop, stop, stop, [expletive]," Carter said.

As Redus apparently came closer, Carter said, "Get back. Get back."

Then came six gunshots, five of them striking Redus.

The incident ends with the breathless officer calling police dispatch, "Shots fired. Need help. Shots fired. Shots fired. Send EMS."



After much discussion, KSAT 12 News has decided to make the in-car videotape of the incident between UIW police Cpl. Chris Carter and UIW student Cameron Redus available online to the public.

The tape begins with Cpl. Carter's initial traffic stop of Mr. Redus, and concludes with the corporal's call for EMS.

We warn you that the audio from this videotape captures the death of Mr. Redus, and also includes graphic language.

This videotape was provided to us after an open records request to the City of Alamo Heights.

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