Boerne residents hit by flooding hope new storms spare them

Some clean up while others prepare for possible evacuations

BOERNE, Texas – Residents who were hit by weekend flooding in Boerne are keeping a close watch on the weather, hoping their roads and homes won't be inundated again by additional storms.

"You can see on River Road just how high the water came up because it's covered in debris still," said Karen Medina, whose home has been spared from any trouble so far.

She said getting home from work Saturday night was a challenge. High water covered most of the roads she usually takes to get there.

At an intersection not far from her home -- River Road at Esser Road -- water came within a few feet of the bulbs on the traffic light.

People in a nearby complex, meanwhile, were temporarily trapped there when Cibolo Creek spilled over into their parking lot.

While they waited for help, Jessica Pratt said she went to the aid of a neighbor who lived in a ground-floor unit.

"I waded across the parking lot -- me and my sister did -- to go get her and her baby," she said.

Later, police arrived and took many of them to emergency shelters for the night.

"We had to scramble," Pratt said. "They showed up with emergency vehicles and school buses and off to the shelter all of us had to go."

She left behind her car, which was carried across the parking lot by the rushing water. Later, she realized that water had also gotten inside.

"It's totaled," she said.  "When I opened the door, water poured out."

Pratt said she won't be caught off guard again by stormy weather. With more rain in the forecast, she's staying on high alert.

At the first sign of trouble, Pratt said, she's heading for a hotel.

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