Mother of man killed by Bexar deputies seeking answers

Mark Flores Jr. shot after opening fire on his father, deputies

SAN ANTONIO – Yolanda Flores had trouble holding back tears as she recalled losing her son, Mark Flores Jr. at the hands of two Bexar County sheriff's deputies.

"I never imagined that I would have to bury my son," said Flores.

Flores Jr. was shot and killed Thursday by the deputies after he opened fire on his his father. Deputies responding to the scene also took fire from Flores Jr. They returned fire, killing him.

"That's why I can't believe this, I can't believe this. That's not my son," said Flores.

The man's father, Mark Flores Sr., ran to get help at a neighbor's home after Flores Jr. shot him in the cheek. The deputies were clearing the home where the shooting happened when Flores Jr. shot at them.

"We would like to speak to the officers, the ones that showed up. What happened? What did he say? What did they say? What happened?" Flores said.

Flores said her son suffered from schizophrenia, depression and was upset about his parents' divorce.

"He dropped out of school, he lost his job and he started being someone else. And then he disappeared for about six months or so. He came back but he was totally different," Flores said.

Flores spoke to her son yesterday but never imagined it would be the last time.

"I was supposed to pick him up so he could come over. He was going to stay here at his grandma's," Flores said.

Good or bad, Flores hopes to learn more about the death of her son. Flores believes it will help her find closure.

Flores Sr. and one of the responding deputies were treated for gunshot wounds and are expected to be OK.

The deputies have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.