Family seeking information on missing mother of four

Angelica Jimenez was last seen on Nov. 25 on the 8000 block of Oakdell Way

SAN ANTONIO – Angelica Jimenez, 34, has been missing for nine days.

"It's hard not knowing anything. My parents are in disbelief. They are suffering," said Jimenez's younger brother, Blas Mendoza, in Spanish.

Jimenez was last seen on Nov. 25 on the 8000 block of Oakdell Way.

Mendoza says the mother of four would never leave behind her children.

"People who knew, knew she was always with her children and it doesn't make sense that she would of just left them alone. She was not like that," Mendoza said.

Mendoza says Friday afternoon he got the news that her truck had been found. Inside investigators found her keys and purse.

"I have faith in God that she's going to be OK, but I've thought about everything and I really hope nothing bad has happened to her,” he said.

Mendoza is asking anyone with information to come forward

"I just want to say that if someone sees her, please contact us, call us whatever it takes, call the police," Mendoza pleaded.