Family wants loved one fatally shot by security guard remembered as family man

Relatives hold vigil for Rudy Ramon, 27

SAN ANTONIO – A West Side family is having a hard time coming to terms with the loss of its 27-year-old son after he was shot and killed by a security guard.

The fatal shooting happened Sunday morning outside a Hookah Bar in the 7900 block of Culebra Road.

Rudy Ramon was shot after he and some friends were involved in an argument with a security guard, police said.

As Ramon and his friends walked away, Ramon fired shots at the security guard, police said. The security guard fired back, killing Ramon.

On Tuesday night, Ramon's family gathered in the same parking lot where the shooting happened to honor him.

"I was shocked," Vivian Rodriguez, Ramon's cousin, said. "That couldn't be Rudy. That can't be him. I wasn't believing it at first, but they told me it was him and I couldn't believe it. I won't accept it."

Rodriguez said they just want to remember Ramon for the man he was when he was alive.

"He was a family man," Rodriguez said. "A great outgoing person, very respectful. He was funny, smart and intelligent. He was nice, sweet and people always depended on him when it comes to problems."

According to a police report, the security guard will not face any charges.

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