KSAT rides along with SAPD's Repeat Offender Program

ROP detectives track down wanted people

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department's Repeat Offender Program, or ROP, does it all. The specialized unit is made up detectives trained to track down wanted people.

"We look for wanted people. We'll assist the other units, like sex crimes, homicide, if they need assistance, surveillance or apprehending a wanted person," ROP Sgt. Roan Phillips said.

During a six-hour ride-along, detectives made several arrests. One of those arrested was a man with an estimated $20,000 worth of counterfeit cash.

"The guy had a warrant for forgery and two possession warrants. Upon trying to apprehend him, he went in the house and shut the door. Forced entry was made," Phillips said.

Detectives also found packets of methamphetamine inside the suspect's home. According to Phillips, the wanted felon will face federal forgery charges.

"They haven't changed. They are called repeat offenders for a reason," Phillips said.

SAPD also arrested an alleged dope dealer during a traffic stop and another suspect was arrested in possession of crack and methamphetamine.

"They're interfering with the lives of everyday citizens in San Antonio," Phillips said.

During KSAT's ride-along, detectives arrested seven felons and cleared 11 felony warrants.

The charges against the suspects range from possession to forgery.