Jogger's killer sentenced to life in prison

Jury takes less than an hour to decide punishment for Christian Bautista

SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County jury on Wednesday decided that life in prison was the appropriate punishment for Christian Bautista, who was convicted of fatally stabbing jogger Lauren Bump.

Jurors took less than an hour to return the maximum punishment for the 31-year-old Bautista, who had no reaction to his sentence.

The swift sentence came after several hours of testimony from Bexar County sheriff's deputies, who described Bautista's affiliation with the Mexican Mafia and a raid in his jail cell that led to the discovery of two weapons.

Several of Bump's family members shared stories about her and her numerous contributions to the community. They told jurors about her numerous mission trips and charity runs. At the time of her death, Bump was in her final year as a physicians assistant at Harding University in Arkansas. Family members also testified about the loss they have suffered since Bautista fatally stabbed Bump on New Year's Eve 2013 on a trail at O.P. Schnable Park.

"He tried to take something very great from this world, and although in the physical sense Lauren is no longer with us, we have no doubt she felt and feels no pain. She's completely happy. She was with us here today as justice was served, and he is an evil person and evil never wins," Ryan Bump, the victim's brother, told reporters after the sentencing.

The jury on Tuesday took just 20 minutes to decide that Bautista was guilty of murder.

"The citizens of Bexar County should sleep easier tonight knowing that the defendant will no longer be a threat to our sisters, daughters, and mothers,” Assistant Bexar County District Attorney Mary Green said in a statement.

Bautista, who has acted strangely throughout his trial, was also fined $10,000. He will be eligible for parole in 30 years.

Bautista will begin serving his sentence immediately.

Below is a timeline of the murder case.

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