Man accused of hiding camera inside women's restroom

Juan Matos-Cartagena, 59, accused of recording co-workers

SAN ANTONIO – Juan Matos-Cartagena, 59, is accused of using a hidden camera to make recordings inside a women's restroom at a Northwest Side adult assisted living facility.

An arrest warrant affidavit stated that Matos-Cartagena worked at the facility and hid the camera, which looked like a pen, in a plant inside a staff restroom.

One of the women found the camera March 14 and reported it, the affidavit said.

San Antonio police said they found two separate recordings on the camera, each showing three women using the restroom.

The affidavit stated one of the recordings also contained images of Matos-Cartagena's face as he hid the camera.

He was taken into custody Monday on a charge of invasive visual recording. The charge has been on the books in Texas only six months.

Previously, suspects in cases such as this most likely would have been charged with improper photography. However, that state statute was thrown out in 2014 after it was found to be unconstitutional.

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