Triple-A baseball team could be coming to San Antonio

City, county working with team owners for months

SAN ANTONIO – KSAT 12 News has learned that the city of San Antonio and Bexar County are working with the Elmore Sports Group, which owns the San Antonio Missions, to bring a Triple-A baseball team to the Alamo City.

Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff said talks have been going on for months to bring a Triple-A team to San Antonio. City Councilman Rey Saldana said the deal between Elmore and a major league ownership was getting close.

Wolff said there are talks going on between Elmore Sports Group and the Texas Rangers Organization, which owns the Triple-A Round Rock Express. Wolff's father, Judge Nelson Wolff, and former city mayor, has long been pushing for professional baseball in San Antonio.

There are many ways a Triple-A team could end up in San Antonio. If a deal went through, the team that is now the Missions could be transferred somewhere else to make room for a Triple-A team.

San Antonio would also need a new stadium for a Triple-A team to play in, and sources tell KSAT there are several sites they're looking at downtown.

Mayor Ivy Taylor hinted at that in last week's State of the City address.

"We're also laying the groundwork for development of a brand new Triple-A ballpark in downtown San Antonio with a team to play in it," Taylor said.

Discussions are still at the beginning stages and there's no word on when this idea could be finalized, but the mayor's office said there may be more details revealed about this deal in Wednesday's meeting.

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