Hailstorm damages estimated at $1.4 billion

Auto glass companies running low on supplies

SAN ANTONIO – The Insurance Council of Texas estimates the total damage cost from this year's hailstorms at nearly $1.4 billion, the worst year for hail damage in San Antonio's history.

Tommy Waymare has been in the auto glass business for 32 years. He said business is booming.

"Well we've been doing about 30 to 60 cars a day after the hailstorm. We normally do about five or six a day," he said.

Waymare, who owns 32 windshield repair locations, including six in San Antonio, said convenient locations at busy intersections have served him and his customers well.

"We're easily seen. We run people through like cattle," he said.

The businessman said he is experiencing supply shortages, partly because auto glass businesses are all trying to buy glass at the same time.

Waymare said he has cars he can't yet repair because of the materials shortage.

"On this G-35 Infiniti, we're going to be replacing the back glass. But we can't, because the glass is not available, because they've sold all the back glasses out," he said.

And now, with continued bad weather and heavy rains in the Bayou City, Waymare is having trouble getting what he needs from the place where stocks up most -- Houston.

"It's impossible to get the glass if Houston's flooded. We just have to wait until the water has gone down. Once we get it, it'll go in," he said.

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