Ex-SAPD officers indicted in fake undercover sex operation

Emmanuel Galindo, Alejandro Chapa face more than 12 counts on 3 charges

SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County grand jury on Tuesday indicted two former San Antonio Police Department officers over a fake undercover operation that involved getting women to have sex with them.

According to the Bexar County District Attorney's Office, Emmanuel Galindo and Alejandro Chapa tried to recruit more than two dozen women to work as undercover operatives in a bogus operation. The women were told they could earn money if they qualified for the operation.

During the recruitment process, the suspects lied about the operation in order to persuade the women to have sex with them, officials said. The victims told police that they were in desperate need of money and believed the operation was real, according to a news release from the DA's office.

"Our allegation is that they misused their authority and position to coerce, basically fraudulently, to bring these women into this sexual escapade in this situation," District Attorney Nico LaHood said.

Galindo and Chapa were arrested in September 2015. The San Antonio Police Department said they both resigned in November.

Galindo was indicted on five counts of sexual assault, six counts of compelling prostitution and 12 counts of official oppression.

Chapa was indicted on four counts of sexual assault, four counts of compelling prostitution and eight counts of official oppression.

It started with a complaint to Live Oak police in June.

Lt. Matt Malone of the Live Oak Police Department said he was not part of the investigation but was familiar with it. Malone said a woman was told she could be part of an undercover investigation, but she had to go through a series of tests.

"You know, it involved everything from consuming alcohol to asking them questions (like), 'Are you comfortable with holding my hand or kissing?' or 'Are you comfortable disrobing in front of men?'" Malone said.

The tests also included sex, he said.

LaHood said 25 women were told the undercover operation story, though his office doesn't believe all had sexual contact with Galindo or Chapa.

Asked how many women were taken advantage of, LaHood said "at least five."

A third officer, Aaron Alford was arrested with Galindo and Chapa in September, but prosecutors said he has not been charged. That doesn't mean he won't be.

"We're still conducting an investigation internally," LaHood said.

The San Antonio Police Department said Alford was placed on unpaid indefinite suspension in January.

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