Bexar DA, commissioner at odds over security contract

DA security chief holds separate, private contract with county

SAN ANTONIO – The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office chief of security, Willie Ng, is also the owner of a private security company, Blue Armor Services, that provides security for over a dozen county buildings.

Ng’s contract is up for renewal, and County Commissioner Kevin Wolff opposes its renewal, citing county policy.

“If you are an employee of the county, you are not allowed to simultaneously have a separate contract with the county,” Wolff said.

District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” LaHood disagrees.

“For Kevin Wolff to say that there’s a county policy not to let a county employee bid for jobs, that’s just not true,” LaHood said. “That’s a misstatement of facts.”

He said that state law allows county employees to bid on contracts.

“I have no interest in the outcome of this issue with this contract,” LaHood said. “My issue is the process, and that the process is fair and that it is legal.”

Wolff said perception is at issue.

“This is about the precedence. It would set going forward of how the contracts get though the county,” Wolff said.

The county purchasing department is expected to make a recommendation on Ng’s contract later this month.

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