Will Hurd, Pete Gallego face off in live debate at KSAT 12 studios

District 23 candidates vying for House of Representatives seat

SAN ANTONIO – Texas Rep. Will Hurd, R-District 23, and former Democratic Rep. Pete Gallego squared off Thursday morning in a debate hosted in the KSAT 12 studios.

Incumbent Hurd and challenger Gallego are vying for the House of Representatives District 23 seat in one of the most hotly contested races in the nation.

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The hourlong online debate was moderated by KSAT anchor Steve Spriester, who queried the pair on a variety of topics, including national security and whether partisanship is bogging down the democratic process.

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At the end, each candidate was asked what they thought was the most important issue about which voters are concerned.

"People are worried about their continued ability to get their kids through college, this American dream that we've all been part of," Gallego said. "You know, right now, this is the first generation of Americans and Texans who will leave their country and our state worse off than our fathers."

Hurd pressed the issue of national security.

"People are concerned (about) whether they can walk into a mall or a grocery store and get blown up by a terrorist," he said. "They're concerned about a porous border.  They are worried about the future security of their children."