Slain police detective's friends grieve his loss, remember him

Detective Benjamin Marconi killed Sunday

SAN ANTONIO – When San Antonio police Detective Benjamin Marconi was shot and killed Sunday, he not only left behind a devastated family, but a tight circle of friends who loved and cared for him.

Beyond fiestas, birthdays and backyard barbecues, Marconi was always there to support others.

“He set a fine example for a human being in this day and age,” said Mindy Miller Hill, Marconi’s friend.

Marconi would’ve been the first to comfort his friends in a time of tragedy, his friends said.

“When we first heard it, we were just completely in shock. Like, how could this happen? How could this happen in America?” said Wayne Beers, another Marconi friend.

Marconi wasn’t just a police detective to his community. He was an inspiration of tolerance and strength to his friends.

"One of the things that really touched me is when a mutual friend called and said, 'I am calling to tell you that I know that Ben would want me to tell you how much he loved you and Wayne, and how much he looked up to you,’” said Michael Bobo, another of Marconi’s friends. “I was like, ’He looked up to us?’ I mean, we admired him. He was such a good guy. So much integrity and very much a 'do the right thing' kind of person."

KSAT 12 News asked Marconi’s friends how they think Marconi would’ve handled the gunman had he been given the chance.

Laura Jesse said, “Ben would have taken him in. He would have bought him a cup of coffee, you know, stopped what he was doing and just talked to this guy.”

Marconi’s friends said they will always remember him, even though he’s no longer here to give out his great hugs.

About the Author:

Ursula Pari has been a staple of television news in Texas at KSAT 12 News since 1996 and a veteran of broadcast journalism for more than 30 years.