Accused killer testifies in trial, says he felt threatened

Dustin Osborne testifies that he fired fatal shot in self-defense

SAN ANTONIO – Testifying in his own defense Tuesday, Dustin Osborne, 22, said that he feared for his life and that of his uncle when he shot and killed Ralph Michael Lopez on the night of Aug. 11, 2014.

He said that he and his uncle, Gabriel Aguilar, had arrived at a party Lopez was hosting at his South Side home. Two friends, he testified, had asked them to come to the party offered to give them a ride home.

Lopez and Aguilar argued as Lopez approached their car and, according to Osborne, Lopez “sucker punched” Aguilar in the face as he sat in his car.

“At that point, I see the revolver handle. It was a chrome revolver,” Osborne testified, explaining that he saw that Lopez was armed. 

Then, he said, his uncle gave a deadly command.

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He said “Shoot him. Shoot him,” Osborne testified.

“What did you do next?” defense attorney Pat Hancock asked.

“I pick up the gun. I pointed out the window, and I shot,” Osborne testified.

Lopez was hit by six shots and died at the hospital. 

Aguilar is also facing murder charges in Lopez’s death and is awaiting trial.

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