Congressman responds to federal judges' ruling on congressional redistricting


SAN ANTONIO – A South Texas congressman responded to a ruling by federal judges’ that the state’s 2011 congressional redistricting plan discriminated against minority voters.

Federal judges concluded in a 2-1 vote on Friday that the drawing of some of the state’s congressional districts violated the Federal Voting Rights Act.

Rep. Will Hurd on Monday said the ruling was on the 2011 maps, and when he ran for office in District 23, it had not been under the same maps. He said he plans to keep doing his job across the district.

“The two times I ran for office have been under 2013 maps, and those maps were drawn by the same panel of judges,” Hurd said. “I just won an election in a district that was won by Hillary Clinton that had the highest turnout it has ever had.”

The ruling will require that Latino-majority congressional districts in the region be redrawn in a way that includes Nueces County and excludes Travis County. 

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