McManus on sanctuary cities bill: 'The community will no longer cooperate with us'

Texas House passed SB 4 Thursday morning

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police Chief William McManus did not hold back his disappointment Thursday after the Texas House passed of the so-called sanctuary cities bill.

He said Senate Bill 4 is causing concern in the law enforcement community.

“We are very, very fearful, that the community will no longer cooperate with us, because of this bill,” he said. “There is not one thing in this bill that I consider to be positive, nor do my colleagues consider to be positive.”

McManus said he is worried the bill will discourage immigrant communities from reporting crime, and will allow for racial profiling.

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He also said he spoke with several other police chief’s from across the Lone Star State, who all shared his concerns.

“We don’t have any real hope that there will be any real change, we are stuck with it,” McManus said.

He also said the bill will require the whole department to be trained on immigration law, and he believes it will take away from their primary mission -- answering calls of service.