SA Rep. Joaquin Castro not running for Senate in 2018

Unclear if he will seek reelection for House seat

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio native and Democratic U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro announced Monday that he will not run against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in 2018.

In recent weeks, Castro had hinted at a run, including during a stop in San Antonio.

While Castro did not explicitly say he will run for his seat in the House again, he did hint at it in an email to supporters.

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“By focusing on my duties in the House Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Committees,” he said he could best continue to be successful.

Below is the email Castro sent to supporters.

Over the last few months, I’ve traveled across our great state listening to Texans from every background and every walk of life.  Along the way, I met incredible folks with important stories to tell. I’ve been inspired by their passion and their optimism.

In every conversation, one thing was clear: Texans want a Senator who will stand up for their families, not stand down to Donald Trump.

I’ve kept my pledge to fight for hard-working Texans, and I’ll keep doing that. However, with the threats posed by Russia and North Korea, coupled with the reckless behavior of this Administration and their failure to invest in economic opportunity for the American people, at this time I believe I can best continue that work by focusing on my duties in the House Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Committees.

My family has been a critical part of this process, and I want to thank my wife, Anna, for her amazing support. We are the proud parents of two young children, so, like many Texas families, we must consider what kind of state and country they will inherit. I’m convinced I can help shape that brighter future, and I promise to continue standing up for my family, and yours.

To everyone who shared their story with me, who came to one of our rallies across Texas ready to take action, and who encouraged me to run, I want to say two things:

First, and most importantly, thank you.

Second, this is just the beginning, so keep it up. Our work is just getting started. I’ll keep traveling this state to help any candidate for any office who is willing to stand up for Texas and create a brighter future for all Americans.

During President Barack Obama’s farewell speech, he asked us once more to believe; not in his ability to create change, but in OURS.

Positive change can only happen if we make it happen. I look forward to doing my part. Thank you for doing yours.