Drive-thru customer, police report give more detail to Taco Bell brawl

Confrontation happened 4 months ago in Converse, video went viral over weekend


CONVERSE, Texas – Video of a heated confrontation at a San Antonio-area Taco Bell has gone mega-viral -- and has people from all over the world wondering about the story behind the video. What led up to the bizarre incident? Who were these people? And what about the guy in the car just trying to order food? 

KSAT spoke with the man in the drive-thru and got authorities' account of what happened that day.

Here's everything we know about the tea-tossing, bare-chested showdown between a Taco Bell manager, a former employee and a man who appears to be her son.

WATCH: Tea dispensers fly, shirt comes off in viral video of fight at SA-area Taco Bell

While the video went viral over the weekend, the incident happened in March.

A police report for the incident states officers were dispatched to the Taco Bell at 8630 West Farm to Market Road 78 in Converse on March 3, 2017, just before 3 p.m., for a report of a disturbance involving multiple people.

Two people were arrested after the confrontation.

The woman wearing yellow -- identified in the report as Margarita Godinez, 38 -- was booked on a criminal trespass charge. Officers with the Converse Police Department said because the second individual arrested is a minor, they could not release his name. However, a second person, who is identified in the video as Godinez's son, is seen being apprehended toward the end of the video.

Two people are listed as victims in the report.

According to the police report, Arturo Lopez III, Wilbert Lee Williams III, the state of Texas and Taco Bell are all victims in the case. In the video, an employee is heard addressing the shirtless, self-proclaimed manager as "Arturo," however, the report states Williams is the true manager.  

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The case is still active with the Converse Police Department.

Authorities were only able to provide a public police report because the case is still active. 

Online records show Godinez's case was closed on March 30.

Records also indicate she spent the night in jail after the altercation. It's unclear whether the second person is still embattled in charges.

The report gives little detail as to what lead up to the confrontation.

The report states, "On scene two individuals were arrested and taken into custody. The individuals were later transferred into the Bexar County Sheriff's Department's custody."

The guy in the drive-thru DIDN'T get his meal.

Richard Lopez said he was getting food for his pregnant wife and when the wait was too long at Little Caesers, he went to Taco Bell instead. After ordering the T8 and Triple Crunch Wrap, he said he pulled up to the window and saw a younger man throwing tables and chairs in the dining room and witnessed the moment the Taco Bell manager hurled a tea dispenser at Godinez. Lopez said more potential customers pulled up to order, but he poked his head out of his car to inform them their orders would likely not be made as the current and former employees argued inside.

Lopez said while everyone stood around recording the confrontation, no one called police.

After witnessing the confrontation from the drive-thru window, Lopez said a woman came to the window and attempted to explain what was going on inside. He said he asked the woman "What the hell is going on? I'm calling police." The woman said someone had already called authorities but Lopez said when he called 911, they showed no other call for service to that location. Lopez said he stayed in the drive-thru on the phone with dispatch until he saw six police cars pull up. By the time he finally left, Lopez said he saw as many as nine patrol cars in the parking lot.

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Lopez said his wife told him about KSAT 12's article.

Lopez's wife was under the impression there was yet another brawl at Taco Bell -- but when she showed her husband the video, he told her this was the incident from four months ago, and that he was the man in the drive-thru. 

WARNING: The video below contains explicit language unsuitable for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Crazy Taco Bell Fight

Crazy Taco Bell Fight!!! 😂😂😂

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