Megan Hill


Megan Hill died in the church shooting on Sunday in Sutherland Springs. She was 8-years-old.

Her mother Crystal Holcombe, 36, and two of her siblings, 13-year-old Gregory Hill and 11-year-old Emily Hill, were all killed in the shooting.

Her other sister, 6-year-old Evelyn, was taken to University Hospital but is in stable condition. 

Megan was part of the three generations of one family that was killed in the shooting.

KSAT interviewed Megan’s aunt, Torie McCallum, who is a first responder.

McCallum waited for hours before authorities began to remove the bodies from the church and she was able to see Crystal, Megan and Greg. She had already been told Emily was one of the victims.

“I wanted to see them out. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to see them get out of that church,” McCallum said. 

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