2013 sex assault case involving church shooter mishandled, sheriff says

Comal County sheriff says 'disservice' done to alleged victim

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NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – Comal County Sheriff Mike Reynolds admitted that a failure to investigate a sexual assault case involving Devin Patrick Kelley was a disservice to the alleged victim. 

Reynolds, who was not in office when the alleged crime occurred, said he promised to find out why detectives never followed through. 

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During the investigation, Reynolds said, Kelley moved to Colorado, but he doesn't know why that seemed to stop the investigation's progress.

"I know that we had gone out of state to question suspects before. I don't know why it wasn't done at this particular time," Reynolds said.

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In February 2014, when Kelley returned to Texas, deputies received a domestic disturbance call to Kelley's Comal County residence alleging that a woman was abused in a separate incident, but no charges were filed.

"That female said, 'No, no, I'm not a victim,' and all that," Reynolds said.

The sexual assault investigation from 2013 was never picked back up, even though Kelley was in reach. Reynolds wants to know why.

"Those are, of course, questions I can't answer because we had a previous administration and a different commander in our criminal investigations section at that time," Reynolds said.

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Reynolds wonders, if Kelley had been charged in the sexual assault case, would that have prohibited him from buying guns legally.

"You think about it, you do. What could've happened? Not saying what would've happened. But what could've happened to prevent all this?" Reynolds said.

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